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PROMAUT is a leading Spanish engineering company specializing in automation, control and process monitoring with remarkable experience for over twenty years in this field. Our company's headquarters are currently located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, in a 1,750 m2 facility; covering four floors. We also have a 300 m2 warehouse in Abrera, which we use to service some of our main customers.

PROMAUT designs and develops complete solutions for automation of industrial processes, mainly in the automotive sector. Our global projects include: electrical and mechanical engineering, simulation, robotics, industrial computing, automation products and technical support.

Our R&D Department has six people dedicated to the planning and execution of R&D activities. We have developed projects within the automotive industry to improve our company’s productivity and also outside of the automotive industry in order to diversify our activity. We offer turn-key solutions for businesses at a European level. We differentiate ourselves by offering innovative, comprehensive, professional and quality solutions that are adapted to customer needs, improving productivity and costs.

PROMAUT is able to develop automation systems as well as produce them in order to test its performance. Promaut has a team of 57 multidisciplinary engineers and technicians, mainly with a strong background on informatics, industrial engineering, and industrial adhesives as well as energy efficiency and non-industrial robotics and has been certified by the OEMs(SEAT, NISSAN, BMW, PSA), TIER 1 (Gestamp, Saint Gobain, EBE), aeronautical companies (Airbus, Sener),and railway companies (TMB, FGC).