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I-moss NV focuses on the research and development of innovative industrial systems for continuous monitoring of industrial assets. It also provides related services such as data analysis research, periodic data reporting, measurement repositories, mechanical design etc. The modular architecture of I-moss’s systems has already been applied to several application domains, such as the railway, bridges, data centres etc. Customisable data acquisition modules, an extensive software library and a user-friendly data reporting scheme are convincing elements towards its customers. I-moss is a high-tech company with experts in the field of electronics, mechanics, software and construction.

One of I-moss’s flagship products is a portable rail surface analyser system for monitoring rail profile and corrugation. This system is a mature product that has been marketed and sold to industry and providing I-Moss with valuable experience in exploiting R&D to penetrate the railway with newly launched products.

I-moss’s lean organisation has shown to be effective in bringing systems to market fast and tailoring the size of investment during the product life cycle, matching the market response. The technological and commercial skills, expertise, and business network required for AutoScan are similar to those used to make their current products a success.